Alessandra Montagne

Alessandra Montagne is a locavore with a big heart, who swears only by well-sourced products. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she was raised by her farm grandparents, in a small village without water or electricity. It was there, in autarky, that she learned the basics of cooking. Arrived in Paris, she began her career as an executive assistant in the medical field and then moved to professional cooking at the Jean Drouant hotel school where she obtained her CAP in cooking and pastry. It then passes, among others, through the kitchens of William Ledeuil, Adeline Grattard and the pastries of Benoît Castel and the Grande Epicerie.

In 2012, she opened the Tempero restaurant in the 13th arrondissement. His unusual personality and his waste-free cuisine made his reputation in the Parisian gastronomic landscape.

2020 will mark, at the end of September, the opening of NOSSO, its new table, very close to the MK2 Library. As a great humanist, Alessandra is in love with products and others as emphasized by NOSSO (“our” in Portuguese). She was able to unite around her a team of faithful: cooks like Juan Solano, her second in charge, who became her partner; former Tempero servers such as Rangel Amorin, who has been converted into a cabinetmaker who designed the restaurant’s woodwork; artists like Catherine Remi the ceramicist who imagined the lights …

With his team, they choose to surround themselves with the best producers of meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables to imagine a regional cuisine nourished by various cultural influences. Come and take part in the trip to Taste of Paris on Friday September 17th.

(c) Anne-Claire Héraud