Alexandre Marchon

Present at Taste of Paris on Saturday September 18 with Clémence Gommy

After sharpening his knives as an independent chef, at home, for others or as an ephemeral pop-up, Alexandre Marchon settles in his walls in September 2020 to make his desire for a free restaurant, a beautiful uninhibited table, just like him. Marchon is a multifaceted chef’s table that breaks free from the rules: a kind table for lunch with accessible menus, dinners discovered in 3, 5 or 7 times to be washed down with good bottles, a festive table open late on Friday to make the fun last and even Sunday with a Sunday chicken to take away. Alexandre’s cuisine is instinctive, it is cooking on fire, of the moment. When he goes to his market gardener, from a vegetable, out of his heart, he designs a plate. This is the essence of his cooking: no need to overdo it or throw so many ingredients on the plate as eye candy. It is in the simple yet complex alchemy of two or three mutually sublimating products that the magic resides. For this Ecotable-certified chef, responsible catering is second nature.


From Finistère to Avignon via the capital, Écotable has selected eight of its certified chefs to come and highlight on Taste of Paris all the diversity and beauty of cuisine that is attentive to its impact on the environment. Created in 2019, Écotable identifies committed tables throughout France thanks to its label and supports the catering industry in its ecological transition.