Antonin Bonnet

Present at Taste of Paris on Thursday September 16

The love of the product, Antonin Bonnet, knows him well, he who grew up in Lozère surrounded by goats and a vegetable garden. This direct relationship with nature has always accompanied him in his desire to become a cook and then during his many experiences in France – whether at Oustau de Baumanière or near Les Bras – or even abroad between Los Angeles and London. His return to France marks the arrival of a first star at the Recruiter Sergeant where the word eco-responsibility begins to take shape. This approach never leaves him and it is by opening Quinsou in 2016 that the human and climatic environment is fully at the heart of his concerns. A discreet, neat, refined, raw and warm table where each product is sourced with the heart and conscientiously. This craftsmanship of taste becomes a militant act that he transposes into his new project: the opening of a new butcher’s shop right next to his restaurant. The virtuous circle desired by Antonin Bonnet then takes shape. The most noble pieces are sold at the Boucherie Grégoire while the ornaments or other pieces are transformed at Quinsou in sauces or broths. By going to taste Antonin Bonnet’s cuisine, it is a civic and committed act that our fork is about to experience and it would be a shame to do without.