Cashless system

As was the case in 2016, Taste of Paris will be equipped with a cashless payment solution with a card enabling you to eat and drink in bars and restaurants and buy from Taste of Paris exhibitors.

There are different ways of creating or crediting your cashless account:

1 / Purchasing credit when buying your ticket
By entering your email address below, you will automatically be directed to your account.

2 / You already have a ticket and would like to add credit to it
Your email address will not be recognized, you will be invited to create your account and will then be able to enter your ticket barcode to link it to your account.

3 / You already have a ticket with credits (and there already have an account) and would like to add extra credit.
You simply sign in below and add your chosen additional amount.

4 / You do not want to buy credits in advance and will do it at the event during Taste of Paris at the Grand Palais.
In this case, when you arrive, you will need to go to the banks or street vendors to buy credits and receive a card. You can then create an account by entering the 6 letters on the back of your card.

Accéder à mon compte

Visitor’s itinerary:

Upon arrival at the Grand Palais, at the time of checking your ticket, the scan will automatically detect if you have any cashless credit associated with your barcode.
If this is the case, our agent will give you a credit card credited with the amount you have preloaded online.
Otherwise, you will have to go to the banks or street vendors to buy credits and receive a card.
This card will be the only way to eat and drink in bars and restaurants. Some exhibitors may also accept it.
You can top it up at any time via your online account or on site at the Festival’s banks.
After the event, you can log into your account and request a refund of unused credits until June 6th, 2017 at midnight.

For futher information, take a look at the Cashless FAQ