Dina Nikolaou

Present at Taste of Paris on friday may 10 from 12h15 to 2h15 pm

Dina Nikolaou’s gastronomic preoccupations started at a very young age. Although she started with economic and marketing studies in Paris, her passion for the culinary art quickly changed the course of her life.
She started her culinary professional studies at Le Cordon Bleu, Ritz Escoffier, Alain Ducasse formation and Lenôtre schools in Paris.
A Paris, with her sister Maria, they created Evi Evane (, supporting with fervor and patriotic ambition the Greek gastronomy. Moreover in the two caterer, they only offer Greek dishes for home or for the office, along with 150 product from all over Greece, from local producers, that Dina herself choose.
In 2017 Gilles Pudlowski , the publisher and creator of the famous gastronomy guide “Publo Paris”, brought “Evi Evane” on the very top by awarding it as the best foreign restaurant in Paris.

In Athens, she started in 2006 her career in tv, in the show “Proinos kafès” at the national channel Ant1.
From 2009 to 2011, she is in the channel Star with the tv show “Nistiki praktore” and then in 2012, with “Stin kouzina me tin Dina”.
In 2010, she started in the French channel Cusine TV, her show “Ma cuisine grecque” that presents recipes and dishes from all over Greece.
In 2013, she presents the show “Ellinon Geuseis” in the Skaï channel. In 2013-2014 she continues her gastonomical journey through her show “Ena trapezi Ellada (A table from Greece)”.
For 8 years, she wrote in the magazine Gastronomos, from the Kathimerini newspaper, in which she presented her creations. Today she continues to create from the magazine Olive, from the newspaper Proto Thema.
Supporting the idea that knowledge should be transmitted, she taught for a long time in the gastronomical schools of Greece and France (Chef d’Oeuvre, Le Monde, Le Cordon Bleu).
The book “Cuisine de  l’école Chef d’Oeuvre” is the first to have wom the World Cookbooks awards, as the best Greek book of professional cooking, whereas her other 6 books are fully appreciated by the Greek and the international public. Her book “Greece, family and traditional cooking” was published by the Swiss-French publisher “La Martinière”.
Her last book, Alone in the kitchen, published by Minoas, is an ideal tool for those who decided to live alone, the students, the bachelors and for those who start in cooking. This book has a particular value, because all the copyrights are transferred to the Greek association of the bone marrow donors.

“Dina’s best vegan dishes”  is out since 2016 by Minoas publishes. This is a modern version of 114 recipes that we usually cook through the fasting period and suits perfectly to a vegan dietry.

Her French book «Grèce – La cuisine Authentique» is out since 2017 by Hachette publishes. It is a successful attempt to bring the French closer to the Greek gastronomical culture. The book is based on  her best Greek traditional recipes. This is a perfect guide for potential visitors that want to learn all about the Greek cooking traditions and find out the “must” dishes that they shouldn’t miss out. It also includes a wide range of authentic Greek products – her inner goal is to promote them and finally bring them under the global spotlight.