Anne-Sophie Pic

Restaurant Anne-Sophie Pic

It’s true that Anne-Sophie Pic comes from a dynasty of leading chefs with several generations of the Pic family having made their mark on French gastronomy.

She had not intended to become a chef. She dreamed of working in the luxury market… until one day her family destiny caught up with her and she realised she wanted to learn how to cook from her father. His sudden death interrupted her apprenticeship, which had only just begun. It took some years before Anne-Sophie could bring herself to go back to the kitchen where she had her rightful place and become, in 2007, the only French female chef to have received 3 Michelin stars, a reward to which she added her title of Best Female Chef in the World in 2011.

Her extraordinary journey as a chef – she is self-taught, guided by her senses of smell and taste, her convictions, her tenacity and faith – has given her incredible freedom. The freedom to pair flavours, create her own style, seek balance and precision in everything she does. In her quest for aromatic complexity and strength, she creates unique flavour combinations, is audacious by working with unpopular flavours, neglected or unloved produce, with always one goal in mind, creating taste sensations. Bitter flavours are a recurring theme in Anne-Sophie’s culinary identity. Bitterness has this almost magical property of enhancing the aromatic complexity of flavour combinations and giving them a long finish. What interests her is the subtle balance with other flavours – sour, astringent, spicy. When flavours are associated with bitterness, the dish takes on a whole new dimension.

In addition to the parent company and ventures in Valence, in September 2012, Anne-Sophie and her husband David Sinapian, who runs the company, created a Parisian address: La Dame de Pic. A realm, awarded a Michelin star just a year later in 2013, in which she invites diners to explore her culinary world where she experiments with the complexity and strength of aromas. A foretaste of her culinary universe!


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