Clemence Gommy


Present at Taste of Paris on Saturday September 18 at the Ecotable restaurant, in duet with Alexandre Marchon

What fully characterizes Clémence Gommy’s cuisine is sharing and bonding. On the plate as in life, the self-taught chef is keen to welcome and sublimate her guests in her establishment where family spirit, sharing and mutual aid reign. The young chef embodies this new generation of passionate and humanist restaurateurs. “I grew up in a house where everything was shared and nothing was lost. After my business studies, I wanted to rediscover this passion for “cooking”, to bring my guests together around authentic and abundant dishes while respecting the seasonality of the products. Within the restaurant, the menu is a whirlwind of flavors: roasted sweet potato with spices and tehina with harissa; salmon gravlax with zaatar and candied lemon hummus; Crispy pumpkin gnocchi accompanied by a roasted Mont d´Or … Its cuisine is just like it: sunny, warm, delicious.


From Finistère to Avignon via the capital, Écotable has selected eight of its certified chefs to come and highlight on Taste of Paris all the diversity and beauty of cuisine that is attentive to its impact on the environment. Created in 2019, Écotable identifies committed tables throughout France thanks to its label and supports the catering industry in its ecological transition.