Clément Leroy

Present on the theatre Laurent-Perrier on the saturday 11, may from 10:45pm to 11:15pm

Born in Romans-sur-Isère in the heart of La Drome des Collines , Clement Leroy grew up in the middle of the treasures of the nature picking, fishing and hunting cradle his childhood. His father who was butcher will sharpen his palate and develop his greed to lead him to a cooking apprenticeship with Mr. Chalaye at Pont de l’Isere. Classic cuisine, rigor but also family spirit will be the common thread of these two years at the end of which he will get his culinary certificate. This diploma in his pocket, he goes to the assault of the Parisian tables: Lasserre, Guy Savoy, Laurent and Taillevent.

Then in 2007, return to Guy Savoy after his evolution will lead him to assert himself as his right arm. Over time his kitchen was built as a bridge between land and sea, a unique way to appropriate the iodine while keeping its earthly landmarks, he is today chef of the restaurant The Square in London, a a modern and elegant place where today’s dishes are in perfect harmony with the unique art that adorn the restaurant.

The Square 

At the heart of the Mayfair food and art scene, The Square aims to provoke, surprise and delight. In an evolutionary approach to modern haute cuisine, Chef Clément serves artistic dishes with inestimable flair.

The new concept reflects an energetic, urban and contemporary attitude underpinned by elegant and luxurious style. The Square takes epicurean excellence to new heights and deliver an unparalleled experience in the established location amongst the capital’s most illustrious art galleries. The minimal, architectural approach to the environment sets the tone of the rarefied experience, in keeping with the style and sophistication found in the menu, food execution and presentation.

© Stéphane De Bourgies