François Perret

Ritz Paris

François Perret enjoys a passionate love story with patisserie. A love that comes from the first stirrings of emotion he experienced with his father’s crème anglaise.

Originally from Bourg-en-Bresse, he worked hard to get the opportunity to train at the leading Parisian restaurants: The Meurice, Georges V, Hôtel Lancaster, the opening of Shangri-La in 2010 where he made a name for himself alongside Philippe Labbé, and now today at the Ritz Paris. The Ritz was a dream of his. He had already tried to get a position there during the 2000s but there were no openings at the time. So when Nicolas Sale, who he had became friends with at the Meurice, offered him the opportunity to become his pastry counterpart, he jumped at the chance. The symbiotic duo plays a part in the gastronomic reputation enjoyed by the iconic hotel located Place Vendôme. Immediately in the first year they were awarded two stars for La Table de l’Espadon and one for Les Jardins de l’Espadon. Anything can provide inspiration for his creations: an encounter, a bunch of flowers, a door knob. He believes that a dessert must trigger amazement and longing, its deliciousness a desire to return for more. A skilful balance of vivacity, finesse, lightness and inventiveness. Finding “just the right amount of sweetness” is his main preoccupation. He uses it in small amounts, like seasoning, in an incredibly delicate way, used sparingly to ensure the palate is never saturated. François Perret is on a constant quest for the perfect balance, liberating his pastries from anything that could weigh them down, keeping only the essential: the true taste. He has also invested a great deal of work into restoring biscuits to their former glory with delicious examples that can be enjoyed at the French tea ceremony in the Salon Proust.

Photos © Matthieu Cellard