Guillaume Goupil

La Manufacture Kaviari Paris

Present at Taste of Paris on Saturday May 16

Young talent Guillaume Goupil took over the reins at Baudelaire, the Michelin-star restaurant at Hôtel Burgundy in 2016. The capital’s most discreet luxury hotel is known as an incubator for great talent. This is where he combines incredible technical skill with conscientiousness and creativity, and above all sources seasonal produce of the highest quality, with use of a kitchen garden at Jardins de Courances. At Taste of Paris, he will be preparing caviar and seafood dishes for Manufacture Kaviari.

La manufacture Kaviari

For 40 years, Kaviari, an independent family-run business in Paris, has been the go-to-address for high-end caviars and seafood that inspire the leading chefs throughout the world as they create delicious, way-out and exquisite creations. At Taste of Paris, Mauro Colagreco, Glenn Viel and Guillaume Goupil will be doing cooking demos.

Photos ©Julie Limont

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