Guy Krenzer

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Creative director for Lenôtre for the last thirteen years, Guy Krenzer is the self-effacing maestro of the largest kitchen team in France with over 400 highly-qualified and specialised chefs. A complex role which requires him to coordinate the many different professions found in a kitchen (cook, butcher, baker, confectioner, chocolatier…) whilst imbuing each collection with creativity.

However his career path was not all mapped out. Young Guy, born in Alsace in 1964, fell into butchery by accident as there was a space left in the CFA (Apprenticeship Centre) in Nancy. It was through hard work and interaction with all sorts of passionate chefs through the famous Association of Artisans and Craftsmen that he acquired a taste for excellence and a love for the profession.

Throughout his career he has moved from one top-level experience to another working with leading caterers, pastry chefs and restaurants (Deport, Peltier, Maximin, the London Ritz, Le Fouquet’s…) and picked up a series of illustrious awards: Best Apprentice in France, twice Meilleur Ouvrier de France (in the butcher-caterer category in 1987 and in cooking in 1996), holder of a diploma from the Compagnons du Devoir.

Then came his encounter with inventor of modern patisserie… Gaston Lenôtre. In 2006, he was appointed head of Lenôtre’s workshops and its unique group of chefs. Guy Krenzer puts it simply: creation comes from inspiration captured all around you and comes together through team work and that includes the youngsters.

A respected guardian of French culinary tradition based on discipline and precision work, he is also, at fifty-something, a funny and warm man who goes to work wearing Air Max trainers and practices martial arts at the highest level. His current source of pride is his recent training and qualification as a barista and coffee roaster! Guy Krenzer, an eternal apprentice, young and enthusiastic!

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