Philippe Bernachon

Maison Bernachon / Théâtre des Chefs

On the Théâtre des Chefs saturday 11 May at 9:45PM.

Philippe Bernachon has been at the head of the family institution since 2007, where he started in 1998, and continues the unique know-how that has enabled his family to make a name for itself in the middle of the pods: the bean to bar, which only a dozen houses practise in the Hexagon.
Philippe Bernachon was trained at the Maison Bernachon by Mr Raymond, the chocolate maker at the Maison, who taught him to love and work with this product.

Created in Lyon by Maurice Bernachon, the chocolate factory has been passed on from father to son since 1953. After Maurice, Jean-Jacques has continued the family work before passing the relay in 1990 to Philippe Bernachon who now works closely with his two sisters, Candice and Stéphanie. The Maison Bernachon is one of the few craft chocolateries in France to manufacture from A to Z its chocolate, from the bean to the tablet by relying on machines of another time. In the Bernachon workshops, the beans are sorted and toasted at 130°C and then crushed to obtain cocoa crust before being assembled, scented with vanilla pods and sugar. Then comes the conching phase which consists in refining the aromas, the textures and the fluidity then the realization of the tablets and chocolate candies.