Pierre Sang Boyer

Modern, creative

Pierre Sang Boyer is a real mascot for Taste of Paris, having taken part in every edition to date. A French chef of Korean origin, he was always fascinated by the food artisans in his Auvergne village.

His most cherished moments were experienced with local shopkeepers, a combination of discovery and fun for him. By kneading, barding, slicing and preparing meat with these local craftsmen, his tastes gradually took shape and his palate was forged. Fascinated by these heady adventures and inspired by the values of sharing instilled by his parents, he embarked on a career in cooking, cutting his teeth with the greatest chefs in France and Great Britain.

His presence and instinct combined with an undeniable passion have earned him his position as a respected young chef with a sense of freedom. In 2012 he opened his first restaurant ‘Pierre Sang in Oberkampf”, the second “Pierre Sang on Gambey” followed in 2014, a mere stone’s throw away, followed by a third in 2017, also on Gambey, ‘Pierre Sang Signature’, the jewel in the crown where he expresses the quintessence of his expertise. Three complementary restaurants which open his gastronomic universe to the widest audience possible.

A fervent supporter of local businesses and campaigner against food wastage, Pierre Sang instinctively and spontaneously builds his creative dishes around regional produce, sourced as locally as possible, even if subtle hints of his native Korea are called upon from time to time. A unique cuisine born of two traditions.