Christophe Moret

Behind his apron, this discreet man is a very great Chef whose journey of excellence crosses the best of French toques. He worked for Jacques Maximin, Bruno Cirino and of course for Alain Ducasse, with whom he spent many years, at the Louis XV in Monaco as at the Spoon, or at the Plaza Athénée, in Paris. After a stint at Lasserre where he formed a remarkable duo with Claire Heitzler, it is at the magnificent Shangri-La Paris that Christophe Moret has been working since 2015 as Executive Chef in charge of the Palace’s gastronomic offer, notably at the helm of the La Bauhinia restaurant. He knows the fundamental importance of the product, and draws on his values to give his cuisine a rare authenticity, equal to such a luxury table. His work on vegetables and vegetarian cuisine made an impression, but he is a complete Chef who loves and masters all the fundamentals of French gastronomy, while having both feet firmly planted in our time.

©Winkelmann ©Stéphane de Bourgies