Dominique Crenn

French chef Dominique Crenn is a celebrity in the USA, one of the few female chefs in the world to have been awarded 3 Michelin stars for her Atelier Crenn restaurant, which she opened in 2011. Her artistic, sophisticated cuisine led to 3 Michelin stars in November 2018. She now runs three establishments including a Brittany-inspired restaurant on the Californian coast and a Michelin-star wine bar. Her visits to France are highly-awaited and her presence at Taste of Paris not to be missed. She will be cooking at the METRO x Tout le monde contre le cancer restaurant.

Tout le monde contre le cancer

The Tout le mondre contre le cancer association (fight cancer association) and its 350 volunteers work daily to increase the well-being of patients, offer them experiences, transform their hospital visits and create public awareness to improve the lives of sufferers, their family and their carers. METRO is supporting the association this year to create a restaurant at Taste of Paris. Chefs Yoni Saada, Ryuji Teshima, Simone Zanoni and Dominique Crenn will be cooking for festival-goers with proceeds going to the association.

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