Alterfood is a French company that distributes and creates natural and organic food brands on the snack and beverage market. Alterfood was founded in 2009 by Alexis Vaillant and develops innovative brands following the consumer demands for more responsible ways of consumption. Alterfood has today a portfolio of 21 brands, and offers a large range of more than 150 products, with 80% organic and 100% natural products.

Tensaï Tea
Tensaï Tea is an outstanding iced tea, a subtle blend of fruit and gently-infused tea.
Our tea leaves, carefully-selected according to the most authentic Japanese tradition, are organic and responsibly-sourced.
Very gently sweetened with organic agave syrup, Tensaï Tea is the perfect balance between fruit and tea.
Tensaï Tea offers the genuine tea ceremony experience: harmony, respect, purity and calm.

Belvoir – Ginger Beer
Belvoir drinks are made using traditional methods. Special care is taken when extracting the juices to preserve the natural taste of the fruit and flowers.
Everything is 100% natural and free from sweeteners, colourants and preservatives.
Belvoir guarantees the best-quality pressed juices without the use of artificial flavourings.
The Ginger Beer is our best-seller, the incomparable taste of ginger combined with lemon juice and gently sparkling water.
We infuse pieces of real ginger to make our Ginger Beer.
With no artificial flavours, colourings or sweeteners, our ginger beer is naturally refreshing. Drink on its own or in a cocktail.


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