Appenzeller® is one of Switzerland’s great cheese specialities. It is made by hand according to an ancient tradition. Its production area is still very limited: about 50 village cheese dairies produce this cheese in the cantons of Appenzell.
With a rich history of more than 700 years, Appenzeller® cheese is produced with the same craftsmanship and passion in the 50 village cheese dairies nestled between the Alpstein massif and the shores of Lake Constance in eastern Switzerland. Its name comes from its country of origin, the canton of Appenzell.
Proud of their traditions, the master cheesemakers make Appenzeller® by hand, using natural raw milk from cows fed exclusively on rich pastures and hay (silage is strictly forbidden).
The secret of its unmistakable taste is very simple:
The millstones are regularly brushed with the mysterious brine with mountain herbs and spices, the recipe for which is still kept secret to this day.

Appenzeller® is matured for 3 to 9 months, depending on the variety. It offers cheese lovers an assortment of 3 different maturities with a variety of flavours to suit everyone’s taste.

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