Caviar Ultreïa

Caviar Ultreïa, « Beyond your desires »

Ultreïa is a modern French brand of caviar in a world of traditions; the selection is made with an absolute requirement drives to an unquestionable devotion to ultimate quality. Ultreïa affirms its dynamic and innovative identity.

Caviar doesn’t have to be big and light to be good. We focus on researching the best flavour and taste, from simplicity to aromatic complexity. Our brand is one the pioneers to proposed mature caviars that bring smoothness, iodic and a long and expressive mouth tone.

Ultreïa offers gourmand products such as caviar and salmon, an original idea for a festive and gastronomic aperitif you have to share with friends.

We believe in making caviar more than a delicacy, but a real Art of living, a contemporary and urban product and making the dream accessible to all.

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