Fromagerie Berthaut/Papillon

The cheese dairy Berthaut has its roots in the middle of Burgundy, in the village of Époisses, where it was born more than 60 years ago.

The family company succeeded in giving a new birth to this tasty cheese and establishing itself as an exceptional brand. An history of tradition that continues for 500 years, since the Époisses was developed in the sixteenth century by the monks of the Cistercian abbey of this village. Subsequently, they shared with the local farmers the secret of this delicious cheese: the washing of its rind with the Marc de Bourgogne. Faithful to the initial manufacturing principle, the Berthaut family has never ceased to strengthen the intimate bond it has with this region until obtaining the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée in 1991. Thus, the Berthaut Époisses carries with it all the signs of excellence linked to a history, a Terroir and know-how. Over the years, Fromagerie Berthaut has developed its know-how with a varied range of high quality cheeses: Époisses AOP, Soumaintrain IGP, Affidélice au Chablis, Aisy Cendré … At every stage of manufacturing, from moulding to ripening, the emphasis is on the exigency and the quality. Commitments are already rewarded by more than 100 medals at the Concours Général Agricole and the Mondial du Fromage.


Fromagerie Berthaut
Magasin l’Echauguette
BP 5 – Place du Champ de Foire


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