Like the shoreline by the sea is sculpted at the rhythm of tides and seasons, we shape the oyster thanks to our well-treasured savoir-faire that we pass from generation to generation. From this savoir-faire La Gillardeau was born, an oyster with exceptional taste that many have unsuccessfully tried to copy and reproduce for years.

Throughout their farming, Gillardeau oysters receive the best care improving their development up to their degree of ripeness. Those various manipulations provide an oyster of high-quality, with generous flesh and unique taste. All these assets contribute to make Gillardeau oysters a reference product recognized in the entire world.

Many renowned Chefs have been seduced around the world by La Gillardeau’s appearance as well as the quality and generosity of its flesh.
For its unique and refined flavor La Gillardeau became a worldwide reference in gourmet products. All Chefs agree that La Gillardeau must and should always be treated with respect while elaborating a dish that incorporates it. Enhancing without altering its flavor being the secret to achieve a sophisticated and perfectly balanced dish.
Internationally recognized and called “The Rolls-Royce of oysters”, Gillardeau’s oysters will always have their place on the most refined tables.

In our fight against counterfeit, each oyster coming from our production sees its shell engraved by laser with our iconic G before being packed. This mark is a guaranty that your oysters are authentic Gillardeau ones.

Photos © Arnaud Vanhamme


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