Les Vignobles Guindeuil


“We, the peasants of the vineyard, are the artisans of happiness. Wine is about sharing and simplicity. ”

For a great wine, it requires both the generosity of the terroir, the complicity of the climate and the passionate attention of men. In this regard, Les Vignobles Bertrand Guindeuil is a privileged place because this approach is part of time. Indeed, the “true founders” are the Escudey family. For 150 years, this Bordeaux family has succeeded at its head, showing concern for defending the quality associated with its name. During the 1960s, it was Yvan Escudey who gave the estates considerable growth. Since 1995, Château Le Cossu has joined the Domaine de Darlan to build a bridge between the two banks of the Garonne. The first is in the Graves appellation and the second is in the Côtes de Bordeaux. In 2015, the Domaine will expand its plots in the Graves with the Château Moulin de Marc.