Of Corse !

Corsican land is made out of treasures and of men who know how to enhance them. The best craftsmen and producers of the island have gathered under the “Of Corse !” banner.
This year, Corsican olive oil and honey with protected designation of origin (Huile d’olive de Corse AOP – Oliu di Corsica – and Miel de Corse AOP – Mele di Corsica) have joined ANATRA jams to present you the best of an island.

Our products are based on authenticity, tradition and tasty combinations:
– Corsican olive oil (Oliu di Corsica AOP) is not one, but several products! The diversity of its flavours is a genuine wealth, originating in multiple ancestral varieties of Corsican olive trees and a rich and preserved natural environment. Its main features are an extremely mild taste due to the late harvesting of the fruit and an exceptional aromatic range with all the subtle scents of Corsican scrub.
– Corsican honey (Mele di Corsica AOP) is characterized by a deep diversity linked to the expertise of beekeepers who use the natural floristic variety of the island and move their hives from the sea to the mountains according to the seasons. The range of six Corsican honeys offers varied flavours, from the bitterest to the mildest ones, tastes that are either delicate or persistent and will make you travel from clementine tree orchards by the sea to wild Corsican scrub and to chestnut groves in the mountains.
– A young start-up located at Furiani (Corsica), ANATRA Conserverie Moderne offers a large range of traditional Corsican products made of high quality fruits. These jams aim to convey the aromatic complexity of fruit that are carefully selected among Corsican producers, with respect for seasonality. Each recipe combines quality and expertise with the necessity of reducing sugar in order to favour rich and intense textures and an incomparable sensation of fresh fruit.
– In 2017, the fisherman Sébastien Rialland is setting up a “Mare & Gustu” canning factory, and offers a variety of recipes made by a starred chef (Yann Le Scavarec) from his own fishing products. Anxious to improve the quality of his products while respecting the resource, he practice sustainable and responsible fishing.
– The Corsican hazelnut, under the PGI designation ” noisette de Cervione – nuciola di Cervioni” is cultivated in the greatest respect of the environment and without any chemical treatment. Delicately scented, it lends itself to multiple transformations that unveil its aromas to infinity. Grilled, crushed or pressed, it offers us, among other things, oil, condiment and spread that amaze and delight our taste buds.

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