Jeffrey Cagnes

After having worked for many years at the prestigious Maison Stohrer – the oldest pastry shop in Paris – Jeffrey Cagnes decides to stand on his own feet and take the path of freedom, that of unrestricted expression. For Jeffrey, pastry has always flowed in his veins, from his first apprenticeships in Avignon before moving to the capital to refine his technique and become one of the most instinctive pastry chefs of his generation. And the technique, precisely, Jeffrey Cagnes makes his signature, he who left the laboratory at the end of the day with his co-workers to come back the same evening and work again and again on his poaching until obtaining a perfect visual. Because if you don’t play the piano without knowing its scales, Jeffrey turned to gesture until he mastered the smallest details. Today, a new adventure is opening up to him within his own boutique, a dream come true of a more personal window on the world of sweets, where he is keen to fully express his personality through creations that are like him, generous, sincere, free from all constraints. The love of pastry and the beauty of the gesture. All is said.
At Taste of Paris on Saturday September 18th.