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The 2017 Michelin Guide awards a second star to the restaurant Kei and its chef and owner Kei Kobayashi!

In 2012, just a year after opening his restaurant, Kei Kobashi received his first star. Awarding him a second star in 2017, the Michelin Guide confirms the 39-year-old’s remarkable craftsmanship. Kei Kobayashi’s ambition is for his cuisine – a subtle blend of French gastronomy and Japanese influences – to evolve endlessly. “We’ve climbed Mont Fuji, now we have to conquer Everest!” says the chef.

On 3 March 2011 he opened the Kei restaurant, 5 rue Coq Héron in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. This discreet address, a stone’s throw from Les Halles, was where Michelin-starred chef Gérard Besson expressed his creativity for 24 years. Kei and his wife Chikako have made it into a serene space of hues of silvery grey punctuated with stylish touches (Saint-Louis wall and ceiling lights) and deliberately chosen clean lines. “30 covers means 30 different faces and that is in itself a décor” Kei explains. Why would I add paintings on the walls? My cooking adds the needed touches of colour. My dearest wish is for my customers to come here for a genuine culinary experience.”

Kei, who gets his close-knit international team really involved, prepares the finest ingredients respecting culinary traditions and the changing of the seasons. His highly spontaneous way of creating a dish draws on an array of inspirations driven by his passions: art (Picasso is one his favourite painters), fashion, travel and nature.


5 rue du Coq-Héron
75001 Paris


Tél: + 33 (0)1 42 33 14 74

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