Equality is creating an even platform to enable everyone to access the same opportunities and is backed by legislation to prevent discrimination based on prejudices against any group.

Diversity is understanding and valuing the differences in people and believing that harnessing these differences will create a productive working environment and an enriching life experience where talents are fully utilised and organisational goals are met.

Taste of London is an event that welcomes and can accommodate all visitors despite some of the challenges of being staged in a park and the temporary nature of the event.

The Aim of our Policy

To ensure all visitors, staff and volunteers are afforded equality of opportunity.

What we will do

Taste of London will uphold equality and diversity:

  • in employment, by developing policies which ensure that no job applicant, employee, volunteer or trainee is unfairly discriminated against on the basis of their gender, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, age, physical or mental capabilities, marital status, gender identity, sexual orientation, social background, or organisation role;
  • in service delivery, by providing appropriate, sensitive and impartial services and being accessible to all;
  • by fostering a co-operative working environment which is free from harassment or victimisation and which promotes good relations among staff to create the conditions for the full development of their potential

Specific actions and commitments

Disabled Persons

At Taste of London:

  • If visitors need to bring a companion, assistant or guider to assist with their enjoyment of their visit to the show then one companion, assistant or guide will be admitted free of charge for each paying visitor.
  • Please call 0871 230 7132 to book your companion, assistant or guide ticket. You will need to show a copy of your current DLA letter or copies of appropriate supportive medical documentation for qualification when collecting your ticket on site.
  • We provide adequate disabled access toilets which are clearly marked on you are here boards and also within the show programme.
  • If you require parking for our event at Tobacco Dock, there is a car park on Wapping Lane. You can pre-book this online via Park Jockey.
  • Counters at box office / banks and restaurants are designed to allow for serving of customers in wheelchairs.
  • Guide, assistance and hearing dogs are admitted to the show.
  • In case you may need a wheelchair, you are gently asked to go to the box office, where a member of our security will fetch one for the guest. Please note that these are on a first come first served basis.
  • We ensure that there is always some suitable reserved space available within each theatre or workshop for visitors to use.


Taste of London will take action to promote gender equality.

  • We will continue to work to ensure fair representation of women and men in our staff and service users.
  • We will ensure that women are fully represented in all parts of the organisation at all levels.
  • We will ensure our policies and procedures address gender issues and where appropriate take positive action. Our priorities in respect of gender equality will be identified in our Gender Equality Scheme and the associated Action Plan.
  • We will ensure that we do not apply any direct or indirect discrimination to our clients or staff on the basis of gender and marriage.
  • To tackle unequal pay between men and women, Taste of London will ensure that it has a transparent and non-discriminatory pay system.

Sexual Orientation

Taste of London is committed to creating a safe working environment for all its staff, volunteers and service users with due regard to their sexual orientation.

We want Taste of London to be a place where people who are lesbian, gay and bisexual among our staff, volunteers and visitors feel it is safe and comfortable to be open about their sexual orientation. We will challenge negative views and if necessary, provide training so that there is a better understanding of the issue amongst our staff.

Race and Ethnicity

Taste of London employs and serves people from diverse racial and ethnic groups. We will implement positive action initiatives to assist staff to access and enhance their career development opportunities, both within and outside the event.

Religion and Belief

Taste of London is committed to creating a safe working environment for all its staff, volunteers and service users with due regard to their religions or beliefs.

We want the event to be a place where all staff, volunteers and clients who adhere to different religions or beliefs feel it is safe and comfortable to be open about their religion or belief. We will challenge negative views and practices and provide training so that there is a better understanding of the issues amongst our staff.


Taste of London will continue to employ and serve people of all age groups and will ensure its policies do not adversely affect staff or services users because of their age.

We will ensure that we do not unfairly discriminate in the employment of Staff and volunteers or the provision of services on grounds of age, both old and young.


Taste of London will strive to ensure that the purchase of goods, services and facilities is undertaken in line with our equality and diversity commitments. We want to engage with a diverse range of suppliers and ensure that businesses from diverse communities have an equal opportunity of competing for our contracts. We will endeavor wherever practicable to purchase from agencies or companies who share our values on equality of opportunity and diversity.


Taste of London will provide in depth training for its entire staff and volunteers on all Equality and Diversity Issues. This will include training on the new Equality Duties and consideration of how equality impacts on all aspects of our business, not just employment issues.

All exhibitors and contractors who are involved with the show are provided with the clarity required around the compliance that is required on their behalf to the relevant DDA regulations.

All Taste of London staff are briefed under current Equalitites Act requirements. This explains how to address and deal with visitors with disabilities. Key management staff are given more training and insight into this and have the confidence and experience to deal with enquires and complaints. In addition the security and stewards that are employed have all been trained internally by their company on these matters – this is a service level agreement requirement with our security and stewarding suppliers.

If you have an enquiry regarding disabled access at Taste of London, please call 0208 233 6817.